When I Met You

Words & Music by
John Masarone

I've been lied to hard to find truth 
In the moment when I'm with you 

Love to dine you, you seem fine too 
What's the hurry? I'm not through 

I want to get with you 
When I met you 

Got Crazy memories I want to get 
Please, try to explain was it you with me? 

Mostly white space blur of your face 
What went on when we got to my place? 

I want to get from you 
When I met you 

I can see you holding me closer 
feeling like I'm touching the sky 
I relive it over and over 
Every time I thought I died 

Got to morning with no warning 
Had no money and not a clue 

You were gone without a trace 
Got the number that hit my face 

That's what I get from you... When I met you