Special thanks to Ben Whitten for his multicolored guitar parts.

Time Will Tell
Word & Music by John Masarone 

Don't get me wrong, don't get me wrong 
I need some time to be alone 
I need some time cause time will tell

You should have heard my heart a long 
time ago but you were slow 
need some time

To find my way back to you 
Time will tell

I need some time I want to be 
feeling free now can't you see
I want to be, want to be loved

A feeling gone but never lost
It's on the shelf full of frost
Need some time to melt off

I'll find my way back to you, time will tell

Don't you shed a tear for me
Please don't feel this way
Please understand me
And let me walk away - alone

Once a long long time ago
You were sure you had to go
As you know you went and stayed
It only took one day

To find your way back to me

I'll find my way back to you

Time will tell

Don't get me wrong