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John Masarone

Musician - Songwriter - Multi-track Mixing

John Masarone, Musician - Songwriter - Multi-track MixingI've been writing and recording since Tascam introduced the Portastudio and brought affordable 4-track recording to the home studio.

From 1999 to 2006 I fell out of music except for playing an acoustic guitar once in awhile. Thanks to my brother-in-law, Ron, and his guitar collection, I started to get interested in playing again. In 2008 I returned to gigging. Before long, I discovered the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and my eyes quickly opened to the new possibilities of songwriting. Since I already had an understanding of recording and mixing from the analog days I took to the digital version very quickly.

Having fun! It is quite freeing for me to write and record knowing I can capture an idea for a song exactly as I hear it in my head. Ah, in what an age we live. With this freedom, my songwriting has improved. My mindset is just to let it happen. Whatever comes out, comes out. If maybe one of my songs brings a smile or laugh to someone - that will do it for me. (Don't get me wrong, being paid would be good too!)

Making something out of nothing — love it!

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The Music

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Time Will Tell - Written a few years back. It is totally redone here. New instrumentation, vocal, a new A minor chord, everything... Thanks goes to Ben Whitten for his multicolored guitar parts.

Superman Curl - An updated version of this song. New parts and mix. An up tempo tune. Thank you Karen for your backing vocals and Sam Luther for your artwork!

One Last Try Tonight - Inspired by my bass guitar and The Beatles. Thanks goes to Joe DiMattia, Ben Whitten and my lovely wife, Karen.

Stay By My Side - The first version of this song was written some time ago but it never sounded finished. So, I changed some chords, modified the chorus, added a bridge, and changed the arrangement. Finally, the song is completed.

Tell Me What You Want To Hear - A dark song. A show tune? Possibly written for a villain to sing.

One Day Off - Everybody can use one day off. Thank you Karen for tracking backups and adding that touch!

Douchebag - This song contains somewhat strong language (based on some standards but not really). If you know a person like this I am very sorry but by all means, sing along as a cathartic exercise and you will feel better. Great thanks Karen for spending studio time, cutting great backing vocals and Ben for providing his guitar solos.

Climb! - My cousin told me that he and a buddy climbed to the summit of Grand Teton via the Owen Spalding trail. I went home and wrote down what I could remember about his adventure. This song is based on his trek but I think it is more about the human spirit.

Something Always Comes Along - Originally recorded on my 4-track cassette tape machine. What you are hearing are the original bass and acoustic guitar from the analog 4-track. I recorded new drums, vocals and an additional acoustic guitar.

Troop and Camo - Written one day in Cape May, NJ while Troop and Camo lay asleep at my feet. It came together rather easy as you might suspect. Thanks to Karen for harmonies and holding all those long notes! And, Ben who plays all of the electric guitars and makes this thing go!

Don't Do It (Just Let It Go) - I had the idea for this one for about a year and a half. I fooled around with different lyrics throughout that time but I knew I wanted a mid '60s/Beatles/British Invasion type sound. Thanks to Karen on background vocals. A special thanks to Ben for his guitar work as he really locked into the vibe.

Hold Down The Melody - Hold Down The Melody is a song about writing a song. This is the album version (5:33). Actually a favorite of mine. Special thanks to Ben for awesome guitar work and Karen for her great job on backing vocals.

So Much Older - I found a long forgotten guitar, bass, and click track on my 4 track recorder from many years ago. I brought those parts into my computer and wrote some words and added the rest of the instrumentation.

Try It Again - I wrote this song for my beautiful wife, Karen. Uploaded on her birthday/our wedding anniversary (same day). Timing...

When I Met You - First song completed using a DAW. I have had no experience like the person in this song as he is much cooler. I would have called the police.

One Last Try Tonight (Extended Version)

Audio Mixing


Below are tracks from other bands that I mixed. As a member of Dueling Mixes I was able to download and mix many genres of music such as, Rock, Folk, Alternative Folk, R & B, etc., which allows me to provide these samples of my ability.


Mix Sample
Feet - by Th' Moonlight Sexy - Heavy guitar with big drums and vocals
Mix Sample
Summertime - by Josh Sahunta - Acoustic guitars mixed with modern synth vibe, smooth vocals
Mix Sample
Sinking Like A Stone - by Jameson Elder - Rockin' Tune With a Country Vibe
Mix Sample
Let It Go - by Ed McGuire - Drums, Multiple String Quartets, Guitars, Keys, and Vocals
Mix Sample
Help Me - by Joe Gilder - Acoustic Guitars, Vocals, Percussion
Mix Sample
Wasted Eyes - by The Travelling Band - Alternative Rock, Weezer-Meets-The Beatles Vibe
Mix Sample
Nightmare - by The Ricky Fitts - Synth + Guitar Dance Pop Song With An 80s Vibe
Mix Sample
Talk Again - by Solomon Edmond (Solex) - Cee Lo Green Style R&B + Soul Vibe
Mix Sample
New England - by Sunday Muse - Indie Folk With Cello And Acoustic Guitar
Thank you!